Hola, Que tal?

Muy bien, gracias. Me llamo Ayu. Donde es Indonesia, vivo en Jakarta. Soy escritora y disenadora grafico.

I take Spanish language course starting this week at LBI UI – Salemba. Yay! I’m so excited! The class is twice a week every Tuesday and Thursday. Carlos is my teacher. He comes from Granada, Spain and has been living in Indonesia for 10 years. He always speaks Spanish in our class whether we understand it or not (he speaks Bahasa fluently, tho). He said it will make our ears familiar with the language. I do like the way we’re guessing what he’s saying by listening to the intonation and some familiar words. Sometime we quite understood what he meant, yet unable to reply back because we didn’t know how to answer in Spanish.

Years ago, I have learned Spanish for only 1 term (3 months). All I got from the previous course is I’m familiar with the language and understand a little but couldn’t speak it, haha…  Now, I want to learn it from scratch the way I learned English. I remember the first time learning English back in my junior high days. I was so excited and enthusiastic about it. I still do now and it feels good. This time I will make myself able to speak or write Spanish fluently. Hasta pronto!