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New Home. New Hope.

Hey All,
Welcome to my new ‘blog’ home. After having this domain for 2 years (and haven’t done anything about it), I finally decided to get a webhost. Supported and assisted by my dear friend, Avianto, I finally set up this website. Though some updating still be needed for finishing touch, now I present it to the world.

With the coming year 2009, I put forward the hopes and positivies in life. Life has been good providing us chances. It’s time to grab those chances and make them meaningful. Beside the regular, I will post my film reviews and other writings. These writings might have been published in magazine or solely mean for review. They are possibly done in Bahasa because I don’t want to ruin the exact meaning of the languange when I wrote them. So, from now on, you will see my blog will have postings in bilingual.

Do… or do not. There is no try. – Yoda

I hope you enjoy reading my new blog.

  1. yuwonosigit says: December 21, 20082:01 pm

    yeah, let’s be positive and keep on moving forward! 😀

  2. Will says: December 21, 200811:16 pm

    Nice wallpaper

  3. arully says: December 22, 20084:06 pm

    Wah, StarWars theme 😀

  4. avianto says: December 22, 20084:17 pm

    Well, keep on posting!

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