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these couple days

On my birthday night, I & my family went to see French Contemporary Circus 9.81 at Amphitheater Erasmus Huis. It was a delightful performance. One man show doing climbing movement in a beautiful way. It’s good to see that a human body could move so softly yet powerful to do that. The music was good too. Sort chill out music which went nicely with the body movements. After seeing the show, we went to have late dinner at our favorite ayam goreng stall in blok m. It’s good to get together, eat dinner, and talk about things. I had a good time and I’m happy 🙂

Last night, I went to the opening of “Camouflage” the artworks of Hamad Khalaf at Cemara 6 Gallery. The artworks use the idea of connecting War and Archaeological Artifacts from Greek mythology. Khalaf who originally from Kuwait, painted them on big size fiber plates and artifacts from war, such as helmets, boots, gloves. It’s quite amusing to see them as if they were truly Greek mythology artifacts.

I’m sorry I don’t have pictures for the stories above. I hope the links will do. Have a good weekend everyone!

  1. andy fuller says: June 18, 20074:07 pm

    have you been to warung apresiasi in bulungan? would be good to hear your thoughts on it. and of course to see some pictures.
    i saw a performance of a string quartet by ligeti at the erasmus huis in 2005. it was one of the most amazing performances i’ve attended. it was supported by the hungarian and dutch embassies. the auditorium at the erasmus is pretty good.
    ayu, this is my favourite sentence from the entry:
    One man show doing climbing movement in a beautiful way.

  2. ayu says: June 18, 20075:30 pm

    yes, i have been to warung apresiasi in bulungan. nice place with unpretentious air to enjoy music. went there couple of times. the last time was when i saw nino performed as featuring musician at endah & rhesa album’s launching.

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