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Hetero Utopia

I went to Bandung on Sunday. I was going to meet up with Novi & Steve there. They spent the weekend there. Before I met them, I went to ITB to see Artepolis. At the Architecture Gallery, I found this huge map of Bandung city and there were lots of ‘post its’ stuck on it. I remember, once I had put one those ‘post it’ few months before, and I was courious whether the ‘Tranquil Picture’ was still there. So I checked and there it was! *yay*

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  1. Gustaff says: August 14, 20062:51 pm

    heheh..seneng deh ngeliat pameran ini bisa berinteraksi sama orang2…thanks ya udah mampir ke pameran yang kita bikin 🙂

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