Come Bright 2011

Ah, a year had passed. So many things happened and I am grateful for them. The events and day by day living have made my life full of… life.

These were some of the the special moments in 2010 which I treasure dearly:

  • Performing with Infinito Singers in our 2nd annual concert “Siempre La Musica!”. Singing with Infinito Singers is always the best feeling ever!
  • Saw Imogen Heap concert at Esplanade, Singapore. She was good, good, good! Also the music hall concert was awesome, in interior and acoustic.
  • Went to see “The World of Ancient Egypt”, a special exhibition at National Museum of Singapore. Finally after all these years since my school days, I got to see the real stuffs from ancient Egypt culture! So happy!
  • Went to see “Pixar: 20 years of Animation” exhibition at Singapore Science Center. Saw the original drawings, artworks, etc. The best part was Toy Story 3D figures Zoetroppe! It was amazing and I was glued seeing it on and on and on…
  • Felt very very special on my birthday.
  • Made a short film “Magic to Tragic” with Kelompencapir. Shot only one day from dawn until dusk and the setting was on a metromini bus. We rock, guys!
  • My dearest only sister got married. I am so happy she is happy. Now I have a new brother (in-law).
  • My bestfriend got married. She had a nice private party and the three of us (I, she and N) sang at the end of the party.
  • I enjoy my work and learned a lot from it. Thank you Wunderteam.
  • Met nice new friends at Project Gener8. Plan to make short film with them.
  • Watched Simply Red concert!! Made decision to watch it one hour before the concert began. It was good madness! The concert was their farewell concert and Simply Red has been my fave since my junior high school time. Mick Hucknall sang beautifully.
  • Watched “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1” with a whole bunch of Harry Potter lovers (approx. 600 of us) and I got prize for wearing costume. Yay!
  • Learning Javanese dance for the first time. It took me 22 years for finally deciding to learn it. I am glad I do.
  • Watched the AFF 2010 final match, Indonesia vs Malaysia, at Gelora Bung Karno. The stadion was full RED with supporters and the sight was spectacular. The match was good. We won eventhough we were not the tournament winner. I queued for 12 hours from 5.30 AM to 5.30 PM and it was worth the waiting. Met nice soccer-freaks new friends.
  • Spent the last day of 2010 with my dearest bestfriend, N. 5 hours of walking and seeing around aka ngider-ngider together was fun.

New Year’s Eve was spent at my late grandma’s house. BBQ-ing with families and watched fireworks in our neighborhood. I was happy. Welcome Bright 2011.