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Smoker, f*ck off!!!

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teem eht diputs

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my internet access at the office was cut out! super duper crap X(

i could reach the virtual world only by office email address. All I can get is ‘intranet’, which is definitely lack of supporting my work and quite putting out the creativity boost. no visual refreshing (exclude design magazine and books ofcourse), no reading update articles or wikipedia… definitely the fastest way to get creativity burn-out. a friend of mine wrote an article about Internet Access Policy. Very interesting to read, indeed. now, i’m writing this from a warnet. i’ll find a way to post my blog entry from my office email. Also lanning to get 24/7 home internet access from first media, hopefully soon.

oya, happy idul fitri to you all. hope it was fun. mine was good, just wish to have more holidays, heheh…

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