Girls Day’s Out

Last Sunday was great. One of my best friend, Novi and her husband Steve, are in Jakarta for a summer holiday. So, we arranged a lunch gathering at Chatterbox PS. The plan was set up by us, the uni buddies (that’s Wieke, Tria, Hanny, Sita, and me). Too bad Ipin & TJ didn’t make it.

We chatted and catching up. It went for 4 hours and after that we accompanied Novi to go shopping. It was fun! We rarely do meet up like this. Usually we meet up at least once every 4 – 6 months due to daily activities, except Novi because she lives in SF.

It was like back in uni when we hangouted together for hours and sometimes took pictures, now we sort of re-enact the scene and… took pictures again, ofcourse.

Three females


This photo should have been put in the other entry. At that time, I haven’t got time to reg my blog to flickr. Now, I haven’t found about how to put pictures on late entrys 😛

Anyway, this picture was taken after I saw my brother’s Big Band. On the left is Endah, the big band’s leader, and on the right is Nuno, my upcoming short film actress. We took loads pictures of us and this what I think is the best one.

Last weekend

Whoa, last weekend was full of things. From watching my brother, Nino, performing with 426 Big Band at Komunitas Jazz Kemayoran, going singing practise until 9 pm, and going to Bandung at 4 am and back home at 3 am. All within 3 days. Yikes! Really made me exhausted, but I had fun fun 🙂

I’d like to post some photos from last weekend but I’m just able to post a few. So, here it is, a photo of three narcist girls after the show.