Alone at the office

I really want to go home soon. I’m not feeling well because of this flu-will-be 🙁 Plus, I’m feeling low…

These are some little stories of what happened these past few weeks:

Hm, after a week or more without an internet connection, to have it back is quite a blessing. At that time, I was mad because they cutdown the internet (yup, it’s the office). How was I supposed to get updates & etcetera etcetera in doing my job? After some complains from other co-workers, finally, we had it back *yay!* Back to online world again, hehe…

I’ve just finished reading the last book of the (Double) Trilogy of Griffin & Sabine’s Extraordinary Correspondence. It was good and has a marvellous artworks. The ending… still an enigma. Maybe that’s why made the book was so enchanting. The first time I read the trilogy was in 1997, and I became the loyal fan of it since then.

I went to Java Jazz

Viva El Jomblo!

Hari ini nonton perdana film Jomblo di EX. Asyik banget! Semua cast & crew datang. Senang deh. Filmnya… hahaha… lucu! Ringgo kocak banget aktingnya. Overall, it’s ok. Pengen nonton lagi ah 🙂