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Can we go somewhere only we know?

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Hello You

Nice to see you…

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Expecto Patronum!
Go away, Dementors.

(first post from my mobile)

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Is it true some people want to be forgotten?
Is it true some people want to be remembered?
Is it true some people choose oblivion to easier their life?

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are interesting!

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The first weekend of the new year was fun!
I stayed over at my late grandma’s house, Won a Sphinx miniature statue from #SphinxDay twitter quiz by Kelontong Sihir, Saturday night out with N – had dinner and listened to live music at Score! Citos.
The next day (which was Sunday) I sang with Infinito Singers on Sidi’s grandparents 50th Anniversary.
Oh, I plan to make 365 days visual diary this year.

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Puck, where are you?
The magical flower’s juice  is definitely needed here.
Would you be kind to tell Oberon and Titania so?

A Midsummer’s Night Dream

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infatuation [ɪnˌfætjʊˈeɪʃən]

1. A foolish, unreasoning, or extravagant passion or attraction.
2. An object of extravagant, short-lived passion.

(from thefreedictionary)

Don’t you love farce?
My fault I fear.
I thought that you’d want what I want.
Sorry, my dear.
But where are the clowns?
Quick, send in the clowns.
Don’t bother, they’re here.

(Send in the Clowns from A Little Night Music by Stephen Sondheim)

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I took this quiz from my favorite watch website, Swatch, and the result is:

You are 86% Elektra King From the movie The World Is Not Enough (1999)”

You appear totally irresistible but inside you are an electrifying siren. Once you have fluttered your eyes and caught someone in your spell there is no way out. As soon as you have sacrificed one victim you are already on the lookout for the next one.

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Hey hey!

After months of hiatus blog, I’ve decided to update it.

Life mostly busy with writing articles and film reviews for this film magazine, and also practising for the upcoming choir competition. Also (again) with sidejobs.

Check the new link I have put. Do pry! 😉

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