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Just Around the Riverbend

I look once more
Just around the riverbend
Beyond the shore
Somewhere past the sea
Don’t know what for…
Why do all my dreams extend
Just around the riverbend?
Just around the riverbend…


Three females


This photo should have been put in the other entry. At that time, I haven’t got time to reg my blog to flickr. Now, I haven’t found about how to put pictures on late entrys 😛

Anyway, this picture was taken after I saw my brother’s Big Band. On the left is Endah, the big band’s leader, and on the right is Nuno, my upcoming short film actress. We took loads pictures of us and this what I think is the best one.

Last weekend

Whoa, last weekend was full of things. From watching my brother, Nino, performing with 426 Big Band at Komunitas Jazz Kemayoran, going singing practise until 9 pm, and going to Bandung at 4 am and back home at 3 am. All within 3 days. Yikes! Really made me exhausted, but I had fun fun 🙂

I’d like to post some photos from last weekend but I’m just able to post a few. So, here it is, a photo of three narcist girls after the show.

Superman Returns

I’m going to watch Superman Returns this evening. I’ve been waiting this film for a year. The idea of seeing the movie in their first day worldwide gives me exciting feeling. It does the same with some particulars movie I’m interested in. So, while I wait for 20.30, I’ll stay at my desk and do some browsing on the net.

Back again with new spirit, heheh

Hey. I’m back! This time I am telling myself that I will post regularly. Keep my spirit up! Hup hup! I am also determined to make my website active again, so I could post everything I’d like to post *grin*

The latest news is… I want to make a new short film. A debut as film director. Hope everything will go well! 🙂

Alone at the office

I really want to go home soon. I’m not feeling well because of this flu-will-be 🙁 Plus, I’m feeling low…

These are some little stories of what happened these past few weeks:

Hm, after a week or more without an internet connection, to have it back is quite a blessing. At that time, I was mad because they cutdown the internet (yup, it’s the office). How was I supposed to get updates & etcetera etcetera in doing my job? After some complains from other co-workers, finally, we had it back *yay!* Back to online world again, hehe…

I’ve just finished reading the last book of the (Double) Trilogy of Griffin & Sabine’s Extraordinary Correspondence. It was good and has a marvellous artworks. The ending… still an enigma. Maybe that’s why made the book was so enchanting. The first time I read the trilogy was in 1997, and I became the loyal fan of it since then.

I went to Java Jazz

Viva El Jomblo!

Hari ini nonton perdana film Jomblo di EX. Asyik banget! Semua cast & crew datang. Senang deh. Filmnya… hahaha… lucu! Ringgo kocak banget aktingnya. Overall, it’s ok. Pengen nonton lagi ah 🙂