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Songs that would make soundtracks of my life

This post has been in draft-mode since months ago. Didn’t make time enough to write the comment under each song, hehe. So, today, i will! Read on…

A friend mentioned this to me, and yup it’s fun to do. This one is the courtesy of Aan.

First the rules:

  1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
  2. Put it on shuffle mode
  3. Press play (don’t check for the first song played)
  4. For every question, type the song that’s playing
  5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
  6. Don’t lie and try to pretend your cool… just type it in!

So, here are what my ipod got me…

1. Opening Credits: Falls Apart – Sugar Ray

hahaha… interesting indeed

2. Waking Up: I’m On Your Back – Foo Fighter

It’s good to know if there’s someone be there for me

3. First Day At School: Intermezzo – Maliq n d’Essentials

Light. Bright. Let’s go to school

4. Falling In Love: Save Me – Remy Zero

Ah, do save me, lovey…

5. The Relationship: Entracte – Phantom of the Opera

Drama and grande

6. Fight Song: Ijinkan Aku Menyayangimu – Iwan Fals

Actually… hmm…

7. Breaking Up: Kemareen – Syaharani

I will be okay

8. Prom: Coco’s Aria – Opera Teto the Robot

Sweet dance under the moonlight with a bar of chocolate

9. Life: I don’t know what i can save you from – Kings of Convenience

I am myself

10. Mental Breakdown: desire (akustik) – pure saturday

why oh why… my true desire… my precious…

11. Driving: superman – five for fighting

cozy driving in the south jakarta without macet

12. Flashback: ‘sabrina’ theme song- itzhak perlman

flashes of images running through my mind

13. Getting Back Together: angel of music – phantom of the opera

my only angel…

14. Wedding: i alone – live

dear guests, please wear punk or gothic outfit

15. Birth of Child: tentang cita – white shoes

hello little you!

16. Final Battle: delman – csc

Better we take delman for a riding

17. Death Scene: the more you ignore me (the closer i get) – morrissey

Teasing with a scene

18. Funeral Song: don’t dream it’s over – crowded house

definitely the dream is over…

19. End credits: hide and seek – imogen heap

my favorite part

2008: New Year. New Hope. New Dream.

Hey everyone. Happy New Year 2008! Hope this year will be a wonderful one and bright as the sun 🙂

As for the moment, I enjoy listening this quite old song “Merindukanmu” sung by Minoru.


Jika kau, dengar hatiku,
berbisik memanggil, namamu
Bayangmu seakan menjelma,
nyata, walau jarak memisahkan

Di sini, sendiri jauh darimu
Kulewati, malam sepi menghujam
Tanpamu, kurasakan mati
Tak seperti, saat kau di sisi

Ku merindukanmu..

Ku pandang, senja memerah
Menyimpan kisah, tentang kau dan aku
Berharap, semua ‘kan berlalu
Hingga tiba, waktu ‘kan, kutemukan mu


Di sini, sendiri jauh darimu
Kulewati, malam sepi..
Tanpamu, kurasakan mati
Tanpamu, tak ada gairah
Kau tulis, namamu, di dalam, hatiku
Dan kau ada, di setiap, mimpiku
Ku merindukanmu…

what had happened the last 3 weeks

my internet access at the office was cut out! super duper crap X(

i could reach the virtual world only by office email address. All I can get is ‘intranet’, which is definitely lack of supporting my work and quite putting out the creativity boost. no visual refreshing (exclude design magazine and books ofcourse), no reading update articles or wikipedia… definitely the fastest way to get creativity burn-out. a friend of mine wrote an article about Internet Access Policy. Very interesting to read, indeed. now, i’m writing this from a warnet. i’ll find a way to post my blog entry from my office email. Also lanning to get 24/7 home internet access from first media, hopefully soon.

oya, happy idul fitri to you all. hope it was fun. mine was good, just wish to have more holidays, heheh…

Logout: Illustration & Art Exhibition

I was invited to join this exhibition. The idea of my artwork is to “color the sketch/illustration with threads”. Size is 20×20 cm. The exhibition was held at Concept Shop/AEDI Gallery at Kemang Utara, Jakarta on Sept 7, 2007. The opening night was fun, the crowd was nice, and the atmosphere was ‘asyik’. I really would like to make more artworks next time. Semangat!

late night at the office

It’s 11:25 PM and I’m still at the office. It’s not overtime, I was writing a gadget review article for SOAP magazine and had to sent it via email today. ‘Cause I need the comp and the internet, I ended up working late at my dear work desk here. Now I’m waiting for Nino, my brother, to pick me up. I’m so tired and sleepy.

(this is my work desk looks like during most of the day. i like it colorful tho, hihihi)

Electricity Down (alias mati lampu)

Since Sunday 24.06.2007, the electricity in Setiabudi, Jakarta is down. Due to explotion in one of PLN (our public electrical company). The whole area at Setibudi is in dark, the houses, flats, buildings. It said that it will be fixed, err i mean, running as usual on this Thursday, but they said that it will extend until the end of the week. Ck… ck… menyebalkan sekali. So at the moment, my office building electricty is running on genset. It needs 100 liters of solar fuel per hour on minimum usage. During work day it needs 200-300 liters on maximum usage. With the extended mati lampu, the building would need 11 millions rupiah to buy solar fuel stock to last until Sunday. Geez!

(need to get home soon. will add this post tomorrow. sorry hehe)

Happy Anniversary Dear Old Jakarta!

Today is the 480th anniversary of Jakarta. A remarkable number indeed. Once called the “Jewel from the East”, Jakarta boasts for its beautiful historical old city yet the buildings can not compete with the commercial value sought by the business atmosphere. Here, mostly, it seems everything need to be new, modern, and hi-tech. So they would tear down the building and build something. Personally, i like the old buildings. They have the aura of past and it is as if we’re in another time when we are inside it.

Anyway, happy anniversary Jakarta. Have a great weekend. I’ll write more in the next week, and perhaps with some photos 😛 This weekend I’ll write a gadgets review article and will go to CCF’s Fete de la Musique. Hope to have fun 🙂

jco-ing, sushi-ing, swim-(m)ing

The weekend started on Friday night. Went to J-Co to eat yummy donuts at Citos with friends. So good to think it was finally weekend while munching the donuts and chatting. On Saturday, as usual went to choir practising. After that, I went sushi-ing at my favorite sushi place, Poke Sushi. Super yummy! We chose the ‘all you can eat’ program and ordering sushi/sashimi all the time. On Monday, woke up late in tne morning err… it actually almost noon, doing this and that, and went swimming. So so good. I haven’t swam for couple of months and this one definitely triggered me to swim more often. I need it too to increase my lung capacity (for singing). Less than 2 months to the choir competition. Semangat!